MEG/EEG and MCG/ECG mapping 
  Bioelectromagnetic forward problem 
  Bioelectromagnetic inverse problem 
  Evaluation of spatio-temporal source localization approaches 
  Spatio-temporal source resolution 
  Multimodal integrations 
  Methods: data acquisition, experimental design, modeling, atlases,?nbsp;
  MEG/EEG/fMRI basic and clinical applications 
  MCG/ECG/fMRI basic and clinical applications 
  Functional brain mapping by transcranial magnetic stimulation 

N F S I - 9 9    P r o g r a m 

N F S I - 9 9    B o o k   o f   A b s t r a c t s 

Editor: Selma Supek
Publisher: Croatian Biophysical Society
ISBN 853-97885-0-1

N F S I - 9 9    P r o c e e d  i n g s 

Editor: S. Supek
Biomedizinische Technik, Volume 44, Supplement 2, 1999 
ISSN 0939-4990

Oral Presentations
Oral presentations Invited lectures Tutorial lectures
(12+3) min (20+5) min (40+5) min

      Audiovisual equipment will include 35 mm slide projectors, laser pointers, 
      overhead  projectors,  TFT/LCD  computer  projector,  and  a video player. 
      Please note that  PAL  and  NTSC VHS and S-VHS video facilities will be 

All oral presentations will be held in the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel Grand Ballroom, 
Section B (Ground floor).

Slides should be handed into the Slide Center at least 1 hour before the presentation. 

Slide preview is available in the slide preview room ?Paris Meetingroom (7), 1st floor. 

    Poster presentations will be held in the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Grand ballroom foyer. 

    Poster boards are HORIZONTAL - 1.5 m long and 1 m high. Pushpins will be provided. Posters should be mounted Monday morning at 9:00 am and removed by the end of Poster session. During the Poster Session (Monday, September 6, 1999 at 16:15-18:30) at least one of the authors is expected to be available at the poster.

Exhibition and Technical demonstrations

    Exhibition will be held in the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Grand Ballroom foyer. 

    Technical demonstrations are scheduled for: 
    Friday, September 3, 1999, 16:45-18:30 
    Monday, September 6, 1999, 16:15-18:30