To facilitate the participation of graduate students and the young scientists the following Fellowship Awards are available:

N E W : 1. The Croatian Parliament support
    - for Croatian participants
    - to cover accommodation and registration expenses
    - 7 awards

2. IUC ?MZOS contract
    InterUniversity Centre ?The Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports contract 
    - for Croatian participants 
    - to cover accommodation and/or travel expenses 
    - up to 10 awards expected. 

N E W : 3. International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) 
  - for participants from countries with limited funds for science, 
      in particular countries from South East Europe 
   - to cover accommodation and registration fee 
    - 5 awards. 
Although no abstract submission is required for fellowship application, preference will be given to applicants whose contribution merit senior authorship on a submitted abstract.

Fellowship application should include: 
1. On-line registration with the Fellowship Applicant block checked 
2.  Curriculum vitae (up to 3 pages)  - .pdf format
3.  A statement on research interests and experience and 
   reasons for wishing to attend the Mind and Brain V. ?.pdf format 

The application for all fellowships should be send to: 
mb5@brain.hr by JUNE 25, 2006

As of now, NO FELLOWSHIP FUNDING is available for EU and USA students. 

We are in the process of looking for additional funding to facilitate participation of gifted advanced graduate students and young scientists worldwide to be given registration fee waivers and/or accommodation grants. Such new fellowship opportunities will be announced if and when they become available.